Help Information for Accessible Forms

Accessible forms have been designed to make online forms available for all users, including users with visual disabilities, users whose browsers do not support JavaScript, and users with old or unusual web-browsers. Users can complete accessible forms using screen reader software, or in the conventional manner.

Form Toolbar - Options available to use with this form:

Previous Page
Next Page

Use these buttons to navigate between form pages.


Choose a zoom option of 100%, 125% or 150% to increase text size as required.

Contrast White on Black / High Contrast Blue and Yellow
Contrast Black on White

If you require different contrast settings for ease of reading, you can select from the following options:
Retrieve Form
If you have previously saved a partially completed form, you will have been given a 10 character reference code to retrieve your form. After clicking on the 'Retrieve Form' button, enter your 10 character code and click 'Submit' - your saved form will appear on screen ready for you to continue filling it in.

Save Form
If you cannot complete your form in one go, you have the option to save the form and return to it later. When the 'Save Form' button is clicked, the server generates a 10 character reference code which you must make a note of. This code will be needed when you wish to retrieve your saved form data.

Your Progress
Accessible forms provide a 'progress bar' and corresponding percentage value to indicate how much of the form has been completed.

Click Here to Submit Your Completed Form
This button only shows in the toolbar after you have navigated through all the pages of the form. Before you submit your form, you can navigate back through the pages if you need to add any additional information before submission. Once your form has been submitted, you can no longer make any changes to your answers.

Input Types

There are four main types of answer input:

Radio Button: Click once to select. Choose your relevant answer(s) from the list provided.

Text Box: Type your answer into the box - these answers can be text or numbers. Where a question asks for a financial amount, the answer box will only accept numerical values. Only valid dates of a format DD/MM/YYYY will be accepted in fields that require a date answer.

Check Box: Click once to check. Check the boxes that apply to you - there can be more than one selected.

Drop Down list: Click once to view list, scroll through and select the relevant option.

Form Features

When you are filling in a form, it will automatically check for errors as you progress. If you have missed any mandatory questions, the form will show the message: “**Please correct the validation error(s) highlighted below:**”. A message will then be shown in red below any fields containing errors. These errors must be corrected before you can move to the next page.

Some sections require additional information depending on how you answer certain questions. Additional questions will be shown after you click on ‘Next Page‘. The following message appears at the top of the page: “Please answer the additional question(s) highlighted below:” and the additional questions are shown by an exclamation mark (!) next to the relevant answer fields.